ITV Regional Channels

To receive 'other' ITV Regional programs other than the one set by Sky in the Channel List

All regional channels are available on the satellite, but to get the ones you want, you need to program the digibox. Listed below are the settings required for all ITV channels.To do this Press 'Services' on the remote and choose option (4) 'System Setup' Then press (4) 'Add Channels'. An example here for one set of channels..

Four things to enter .....

Frequency 10832 (it will put the decimal point in itself just type those numbers)

Polarisation H (you need to use the sideways button to change it, not type it in)

Symbol Rate 22 (as above use the sideways button)

FEC 5/6 (as above use the sideways button)

When you have done that highlight 'Find Channels' and press enter

A list of channels will appear, highlight the ones you want and press the 'yellow' button, and press select

Continue as above for other ITV regions as per the list below.

You can't get these channels by using the normal channel list, they won't be there. To get the channels, you will need to .......Press 'Services' then choose 'Other Channels' Hopefully they will all be there

ITV Regions

Carlton (London)/LWT
Carlton (Central)
HTV Wales
HTV (West)
Carlton (West Country)

Frequency 10832
Polarisation H
Symbol Rate 22
FEC 5/6


TV Regions

Border (England)
Border (Scotland)
Tyne-Tees TV

Frequency 10891
Polarisation H
Symbol Rate 22
FEC 5/6

ITV Regions

Scottish TV
UTV (Ulster)

Frequency 10906
Polarisation V
Symbol Rate 22
FEC 5/6

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