Getting the location and mooring just right so you don't have to do any carrying is easy if you are familiar with the area you are in. However, cruising in unknown territory it is a little more difficult to find the 'ideal' spot.

For a Tesco delivery you have to have a post code for your chosen place. This is quite easy to find, there might be a pub, or a farm at the bridge or road. I either find the post code of the pub, shop or other public building by putting the name in google, inevitably it shows an entry with a post code. If you need the post code of a farm or house, then just knock the door and ask! You could always phone Royal Mail, but you risk spending a lot of money listening to music while you wait and wait for someone to answer.

When we need a delivery we try to find a place during the morning's travels, and hope to moor up by lunch time so that I can do the order on the internet for a delivery the following day.

You need to register with Tesco, and your first order will take some time, so if you can get to a library and use their computers (most libraries have computers for free use, you don't have to be a member of the library) it will save a lot of megabites on your mobile phone. Once you have done an order for the first time, those items are saved as your favourites, so on subsequent orders just bring up your favourites and you will get a whole page of what you have ordered in the past. You can then just fill in what you need for the next delivery.

Before you start your order you must phone Tesco on 01382 822 800 (option 1) and ask them to add an address to something like "Boat moored by Canal Bridge', the name of the road and the town and postcode. You will then find that in your list of delivery addresses in your account.

Once you have logged into your account, go to the groceries page via the tab at the top of the page. You must change the delivery address before you start your order or before you book a delivery spot. You cannot change your place of delivery AFTER you have completed your order, be warned!!

In your account the delivery address will be your 'home' address that you registered with Tesco. There is a link to change the delivery address on the right on the main groceries page, this is where you will find the address that you phoned in.

Once done you can start to do the order

When you have finished on the confirmation screens there is a place where you can describe where exactly you are. I normally point out that it is a narrowboat in a canal, just to make sure!

Deliveries on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are cheaper than those of other days too!

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